The E\PCOS 2019 will be held in Grenoble at the CEA Leti,
September 8-10, FRANCE

E\PCOS conference brings the phase change community together to discuss the latest technology achievements and their possible new application areas. An important goal of EPCOS is to provide an informal atmosphere to encourage interactions among participants and provide fruitful interactions between technology leaders of industry and academia.


  • Current status of the Phase Change Memory and its future
  • Physics and materials science of Phase Change Materials
  • Phase change memory, More Moore, from bidimensional system to 3D architecture
  • Thermal and/or Electrical characterization and Reliability of materials and devices
  • Mechanical and/or Electrothermal Modeling and Simulation.
  • Synthesis and characterization of chalcogenide alloy nanowires
  • Fast Optical and electrical manipulation of atomic arrangements in chalcogenide alloy
  • System for Neuromorphic computing
  • Layered and superlattice phase-change materials.
  • Topological insulating properties of phase-change materials
  • Structure and analysis characterization